The Ubbe Toy - an Easy to Clean Food Dispensing Dog Toy with a Detachable and Minimalist Design

The Ubbe Toy - an Easy to Clean Food Dispensing Dog Toy with a Detachable and Minimalist Design

What is The Ubbe Toy

The Ubbe Toy is a hard, geometric cylindrical-shaped food-filled dog toy with a detachable design and large holes on both sides. You can open the toy and fill it with liquid foods to keep your pup occupied and provide mental stimulation while beating his cravings. The detachable design makes cleaning and maintaining the toy easier for you. 

The toy is made up of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material that combines the properties of plastic and rubber to ensure increased flexibility, abrasion resistance, and durability. TPR also ensures that the toy can withstand both aggressive and destructive chewers for a long time. The material is recyclable, hypo-allergen,  and doesn’t contain any risky chemicals like BPA, making the toy an eco-friendly and safe choice for your doggo.

A Frustration-free and Interesting Food Toy for Every Dog

Not all food dispensing toys are suitable for all dogs. Some might frustrate and annoy a naïve pup as it becomes hard for them to get food from such toys.

However, The Ubbe Toy is an interesting choice for dogs of all breeds and sizes, especially for aggressive chewers and motivated eaters. Rovers bored with kenneling can enjoy eating from the toy because it offers them a fun way to eat their treats without frustration.

The Ubbe can be stuffed with anything your pooch loves to eat, including peanut butter, chewy treat, whipped cream, and cheese. For an inexperienced canine, pack loosely and leave the food sticking out of the large holes.

A variety of vibrant colors and geometric patterns keep the dog’s interest and engage them for hours while enhancing their mental stimulation. Since the toy is lightweight and non-slippery, dogs of all breeds can easily play with them with an excellent grip on any surface.  

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The unique detachable design and non-tack surfaces of The Ubbe Toy allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, the product is 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe.

All you have to do is gently separate the toy from the middle and hand wash it or place it on the top rack of a dishwasher. Pulling leftovers from inside is easy without needing to scrub the toy with a brush or soak it in warm water. You can instantly remove all residue in a single swap.

Helps Your Dog Build Toy-Play Skills

Most food toys make it hard for naïve dogs to get the food and owners don’t know how to teach them the skill. Toys like food dispensing puzzles require filling the inside and your pooch has to work their way to get the food which may lead to frustration and anxiety. A canine who is used to getting kibble in a bowl may not want to dig frozen kibble out of a puzzle, and they may end up giving up or crashing the whole toy.

The Ubbe Toy allows you to stick the food on the outer corners of the large openings on both sides so your pup can lick the food while working their way to get more. The dog can sniff and clearly see the food inside which lures them to get some of it right away, thus boosting their mental stimulation and chewing strength.

An Excellent Chewing Toy

Have you ever come home and realized your shoe is missing? Chances are your aggressive chewer has ripped it apart.

The Ubbe Toy makes a brilliant chewing toy for puppies when they start teething or if they are energetic chewers. Combining real food with a toy keeps your doggo busy until they get the treat. 

An expansive range of soft hardness and elasticity of the toy allows your pup to get a soothing gums massage while boosting their oral hygiene.  It’s also a great way to kill boredom and increase mental activity, keeping your dog happy and healthy at the same time.

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