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8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

One of the purest love on this earth is the dog's and its owner's love. It is pure, unconditional, and above anything else. The level of devotion these four-legged animals have for us humans is incomparable. But as much as you may want to be lounging with your canine all day long, it is practically impossible. You need to look for ways to keep your beloved engaged and active throughout the day.

This article shares the 7 best ways to keep your pooch entertained and energized.

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1.   Hide and Seek

Hide and seek, I guess, is everyone’s favorite be it humans or pets. If you want to keep your dog entertained indoors, this is one exciting activity you can choose. This game is a riot if you have little humans too.

Ah! The utter joyful shrieks coupled with barking is what you need as soulful therapy. An extremely fun activity on a weekend when you have nothing planned. Do reward your dog with some treats or goodies after the game to reinforce their behavior.

2.   Food Dispensing Puzzle

A food dispensing puzzle is an awesome toy for your pet to keep them busy and enhance their mental stimulation. It makes your doggo work their way to get food, thus helping them stay calm and busy at the same time. The chewing and juggling help release happy hormones.

Our canines are scavengers by nature, and such toys appeal to their inner desires and allow them to feel the joy of “earning” their meal. These brain-stimulating activities are healthy and best for training as well.

3.   Find Your Treat

Who doesn’t love a treat? Even dogs want yummy treats to devour. Hiding the treats around the house and letting your pup sniff them out. This will also allow you to focus on more important tasks with peace while your furry friend is busy searching for treats. It is also a fun way to keep your canine healthy, as it turns into an exercise session as well.

4.   Obedience Training

Do you think your dog is perfectly trained? A single whistle and your dog is at your command? If your answer is yes, a refresher course for your best friend is of no harm. However, if your pup falters and has slight confusion, you should do obedience training with your dog.

The trick is to be friendly when training them. The dog will remain engaged and happy at the same time. It is a brain-stimulating activity that can be beneficial for the mental development of your pooch.

5.   The Shell Game

I personally love this game. It is an entertaining game that not only helps increase your pet’s focus but also keeps you and your four-legged friend entertained for hours.

The game is easy, and you can start with two cups and a treat. Place the treat under one cup and switch the cup. Let your pet tip it over to find the treat. If you want to increase the game's difficulty level, you can increase the number of cups involved. Increasing the number of treats can also add to the fun.

6.   Planning Hunts

A whiff there and a whiff here, and tadaaa! Every dog loves to hunt. The sloppy grin is worth it when your pooch is done finding.

Make a scavenger hunt for your dog with their favorite toys. Make a small path with little activities in your yard or lounge (if you prefer indoors). The dog then sniffs and finds his toys. This is a healthy way to keep your beloved pet entertained and mentally active.

7.   Teach Him New Tricks

You can always teach your dogs new tricks. For example, teach them to keep their chewable toys back in place or train them to not tear your furniture. It’s totally teachable.

All you’d need is multiple tries and a few days of training to make them learn. But the effort is worth it. You can enjoy a clean home even after your beloved pet messes with scattered toys because you can ask them to clean up after they are done playing.

8.   Snuggle, Snuggle, Snuggle

This is therapeutic for both the owner and the dog. Teach your pup to massage your back, and you can massage their back. After these massages, curl up on your couch and snuggle together a happy and relaxing exercise that vanishes all the negative energy and makes you feel energetic.

To Wrap It Up

While making your dog happy can be challenging, the right set of planned activities can help keep your four-legged friend engaged and active throughout the day. We hope this article helps you find some fun activities for your canine.  

So what’s stopping you? It’s time for you and your beloved four-legged. Happy Bonding!

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