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Treat-Dispensing Toys that are Worth Every Penny

Looking for something fun to keep your pup engaged while enhancing their mental stimulation? Then it’s time to add treat-dispensing toys to your pup’s supplies kit.

Treat-dispensing toys are not only for hiding the treats or feeding your fido, these toys also keep your pet busy for hours when they’re home alone, especially a food-motivated dog. You dispense treats in a ball or puzzle-like toy, and your pooch works his way to get the food while enjoying plenty of entertainment. A great way to keep your dog from mischief and slow down the mealtime of a pup who eats too fast.

Let’s have a look at the top benefits of treat-dispensing dog toys and the toys that are worth investing in.

Top 6 Benefits of Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys 

Satisfies the Drive to Chase 

Most naughty and energetic chewers are always looking for something to chase and tear apart. This may cause them to chew everything aggressively, and they may end up damaging your furniture, clothes, or shoes. Treat dispensing toys helps dogs to chew and hunt food in a playful manner that keeps them busy and satisfies their desire to chase things. 

Helps Calm the Over-excited Dogs 

Dogs may get anxious and over excited when they are served food. Treat-dispensing toys help in training your dog while teaching them self-control and problem-solving. It allows their mind to be distracted from the bad and stay invested in the good. The rewarding method of getting treats by playing is all you need to calm your over-excited dogs.

Slow Down Food Gobblers 

Dog owners are often worried about their gobblers eating too rapidly without chewing the food. The fast eating process may lead to many health problems in dogs, including bloating, which can be life-threatening and cause the dog to go into shock quickly. 

Treat-dispensing toys slow down the mealtime of your doggo as they have to paw, roll, nib, or lick the toy to get the food. This food hunting process is time-consuming but engaging that doesn’t frustrate your dog and they enjoy getting their treat out of the holes of a puzzle. 

Boosts Mental Stimulation

Interacting with a food ball or dispenser puzzle increases IQ and mental stimulation in your pet while offering them healthy play and exercise. It allows your dog to come up with a strategy to get the food, hence taking their brain workout to the next level. 

Keeps Your Dog Entertained For Longer 

Boredom is a problem that persists in all living things. Dogs also get bored of the same routine and getting food the same way every day. Treat dispensing puzzles offer your pup unlimited entertainment with an activity that rewards them with the food they like. 

Perfect for Goody Dogs 

Treat-dispensing toys are all about food and play. If you have a dog who loves food, this can help them think about something else when you are not home. The anxiety and separation from you would be eased with a fun activity you have for your fido. 

Treat-dispensing Dog Toys that are Worth Every Penny 

Up Dog Toys offers eco-friendly and durable treat dispensing toys for dogs to keep them engaged and enhance their mental activity. 

The Odin Puzzle Toy 

The Odin Toy is a puzzle toy that allows every dog to play and work their way to food in their unique style. Place a few treats on the flaps and let the dog play. The holes in the dispensing toy will let the treats fall and act as a reward for the dog. This will increase the physical and mental stimulation of the dog as they paw and nudge to get the food. 

This toy is made of durable and non-toxic materials that do not scratch the hardwood and dampen the noise. It is a perfect fit for both big and small dogs as the toy is lightweight and can easily hold 1 cup of treats. 

The Ubbe Toy 

The Ubbe Toy comes with less difficulty than The Odin Toy, making it an ideal choice for starters. It works as a chew toy to keep your puppy's gums healthy while helping train your playful and quirky canine. 

with a unique detachable design that looks like ice cream, the toy allows for easy filling and removing of liquid foods. The rubber material of the toy is easy on the hardwood but great for the jaws of your furry friend. 

Let your dog sniff and play with the Ubbe Toy filled with wet treats while you place it on the ground. Add peanut butter, whipped cream, or wet food for the dog and watch them play and eat without anxiety. 

The detachable design also allows for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe, making your life a little less easy as a dog owner. 

Head over to Up Dog Toys to know more or order reliable food dispensing toys for your dog and let them always be ready for a new game!

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